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Artist-2-Artist #9 :: Epic Rain vs Berndsen

Because you can never have too much of a good thing, we are back on the band-wagon for our Artist-2-Artist series. Coming at you with our #9 edition, we have those rascals from Epic Rain who have a brand new album dropping at the end of September asking Mr Disco beard himself, the wonderful Berndsen, who,… Read more »

Artist-2-Artist #8 Hildur vs CYBER

Its that time again folks, yes, it’s another edition of our thrilling Artist-2-Artist series. We ask one artist to come up with some cunning and clever questions to ask another artist type so that we get some pretty weird but often insightful answers from the brains of our chosen subjects. This week, we asked current… Read more »

Artist-2-Artist #6 GKR vs Úlfur Úlfur

Artist-2-Artist is back! It’s our hard hitting series where we ask Icelandic artists to interview each other in order to reveal their deepest and darkest inner most workings. This week we got the cereal munching charming rapper GKR to ask a bunch of questions to the hip-hop duo Úlfur Úlfur. Both are the darlings of… Read more »

Artist-2-Artist #4 :: Vök & Axel Flóvent

It’s that time again! Round #4 of our deeply probing and informative Artist-2-Artist series. In case you missed the others, catch up slowcoaches! Click here for the Múm and dj flugvél og geimskip extravaganza. Or click here for the Futuregrapher and Sóley lovefest. This time we asked Vök to come up with some hard hitting questions for their pal Axel Flóvent. And here we… Read more »

Artist-2-Artist #3 :: Múm & dj flugvél og geimskip

You didn’t think we’d forgotten you did you, dear reader? NEVER! We’re back with a third instalment of our fantastic Artist-2-Artist series whereby we ask Icelandic artists to ask each other pertinent questions in order to draw out the hard hitting information we all want to know about our favourite bands. This time we managed… Read more »

Artist-2-Artist #2 Samaris & Pink Street Boys

Following up from our wildly successful Artist-2-Artist #1 with Sóley and Futuregrapher we are pleased to present you #2, this time with Jófriður from Samaris asking those punk-ass boys from Pink Street Boys, Jombi, Einar and Axel some curious questions. Samaris who make ethereal dreamy electronic beats couldn’t be further away from the punk-rock-raw power of… Read more »