Andy Svarthol is an experimental pop band from Reykjavík, Iceland. The band was founded in 2015 and consists of brothers Egill and Bjarki Viðarsson, who began making music together after Egill’s previous band Nóra, entered a state of hiatus. Both have no formal musical training, but have taught themselves (and each other) to operate various instruments, with equally varying success…

Both members sing and play a number of instruments throughout their songs, although Egill’s primary instrument is the keyboard while Bjarki’s is the guitar.

While the bands musical direction and style is ever-changing, Andy Svarthol’s current sound ranges from upbeat pop in the same vein as earlier musical projects (Nóra), to experimental noise rock (think Animal Collective or Fuck Buttons). They combine melodic keyboard playing with distinct guitar and synthesizer sounds to compliment the brothers’ harmonizing vocals.
Influences include The Beach Boys, TV on the Radio, Beach House, Animal Collective, and Aphex Twin.