Based in the small town of Ísafjörður, Iceland, one of the most northern towns in Iceland, surrounded by mountains, 7oi makes music to his own liking, regardless of what genres they fall into. I sat down with him and aked him to explain himself.

"I don't like binding myself to genres," Jói (7oi) says. "That just doesn't suit my needs. I'd like to make music that I like to listen to. I mean, I wouldn't make a song that I'd find boring, would I? Unfortunately my musical area of interest spans countless genres, so I can never really stick to any of them. I know that sort of instability will result in me never really managing to "make it" in the music scene, but then again I do it for the pure enjoyment of it."

"…and even if I can't commit to one genre, I like to think that I'm able to sustain a musical element throughout my creations that makes it all connect togehter in a strange and enchanting whole," he says and laughs.

He then poured himself a tall glass of milk and I thought about how silly and weird it was to interview myself like this. I then finished the whole glass of the ice-cold milk.