From the small town of Akureyri comes Á Geigsgötum, a project which began as a solo project  but evolved into a solid band. Consisting of five members that all have focused on the heavier side of music for some time but Á Geigsgötum is mostly down to earth. There is a lot of dualism in their music while  the music and lyrics are in a constant conflict. The lyrics look for balance while the music is a bit on the nihilistic side. Though the only album that the project has released Verið velkomin was a solo project of Ingi, the band is now focusing on reinventing old material and making something new.

Line-up : 
Þórir Óskar – guitar (Dulvitund, Naught)
Úlfur Bragi – bass guitar
Stefán Bessa – guitar (Sefjun)
Jón Arnar – drums (Naught)
Ingi Jóhann – vocals (Hindurvættir, Völva)