ADHD first got together in February 2008 to perform at a blues festival in Höfn – a village in the volcanic south of Iceland. The chemistry between the four players was immediate and the following year their debut album, self-titled adhd, won them stellar reviews, as well as “Jazz-album of the year” at the Icelandic Music Awards. The album contains seven songs, that are melodic and melancholic at times.

Their second album, adhd2, explores further avenues in the already exciting musical universe that is ADHD. It contains nine newly written songs by the band’s members. The album was recorded in Island Studios in Vestmannaeyjar over the period of five days in late February 2011, and was released in early August that same year.

ADHD was nominated for adhd2 on Icelands behalf to the Nordic Music Prize 2011. adhd2 was also nominated in four categories for the Icelandic music prize: for Jazzalbum of the year, Performer of the year (which they were nominated for because of a great live performance at the Reykjavík Jazz Festival), Jazz/Blues-song of the year for their song Merkilegt and then Ómar was nominated as songwriter of the year for his work on adhd2. In addition to all this, adhd2 won the Kraumur award as one of the 6 best albums of the year.

In 2012 the band released adhd3 and adhd4. The records got great reviews and were followed by extensive touring in Iceland and in Europe. The band was nominated for the Iceland Music Prize for the records and also nominated as Performer of the Year at the same awards.


Now, three albums after that (adhd2, adhd3 and adhd4, which all got great reviews, nominations for the Nordic Music Prize, etc. ), and after extensive touring in Europe and Iceland, ADHD are finishing and releasing their 5th album in collaboration with Contemplate-music in Berlin, in September/October in Iceland and early in 2015 worldwide. adhd5 was recorded in Sundlaugin Studios by Ívar Ragnarson. Ívar also mixed the record and it was mastered by mr. Haffi Tempó.

The record contains 8 songs that were written all over the place; a few were written in January this year when the band had a few days off on a European tour and got to spend those days close to Bad-Meinberg in Germany at a very good friends house. Others were written in the studio or at some home or…The songs are a very dynamic mixture of a lot of elements; melancholic at times, cheerful, soft, loud and everything in between.

ADHD performances an organic event and therefore the band decided to record this album live, to reflect the live performances.

ADHD are: Óskar Guðjónsson: saxophone
Ómar Guðjónsson: guitars, bass
Davíð Þór Jónsson: hammond orgel, synths, bass
Magnús Trygvason Eliassen: drums