Anna María is a Copenhagen based singer from Iceland. Her first solo album “Saknað fornaldar” was released in november 2012. The album is named after one of the poems and is Icelandic for “Longing for the ancient times”. She started working on the music in 2009 while she was studying at the Rythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen. Being away from Iceland got her interested in her roots there, and she started reading through old poetry books she inherited from her grandparents. She composed all the music on the album to old Icelandic poems she found in these books, except two of them which she wrote to poems by a young Icelandic poet, Sölvi Björn Sigurðsson. In Copenhagen she discovered that almost all of the poets had lived in Copenhagen at some point, 100-300 years earlier. The poetry books had also been printed by young students in Copenhagen around 1940, when Anna María’s grandparents lived in Copenhagen. Iceland and Denmark work mysteriously together on the album and bind together emotions and thoughts of the Icelandic people over hundreds of years. Anna María got guidance from Hilmar Jensson, guitarist and improviser, throughout the project.
Saknað fornaldar has been well received in Germany and this is what the press has to say about the album there:
“The music is beautifully dreamy, good to carry the listener. Anna María´s voice is strong and clear, but never intrusive. Yet this is by no means music to fall asleep to. There is too much variety for that. All in all, the music offers a wide range of sounds to lose oneself in; a perfect mixture of classical and modern elements to captivate the listener. ” 8/10  Stefanie Oepen – Stalker magazine
“The Icelandic singer sings the music and poems with such empathy and in a captivating way. Her voice is amazing and gives you a good feeling of the poems even though you don´t understand Icelandic. If you want to understand what she is singing about english translations are included in the booklet.”  **** Nordis magazine
“…. with her tight, beautiful voice she has managed to create a great atmosphere which makes the album a noteworthy one.” FM Folkmagazine
Anna María also works with the Nordic vocal improvisation band IKI based in Copenhagen: IKI is a collective of 8 female singers from 4 different Nordic countries that improvise all music. IKI won Danish Music Award in 2011 for their debut album. Their second album will be released in 2013-2014.