Many have dreamt of becoming a complete artist. Arndis Halla has fulfilled that dream. Iceland’s celebrated operate star roams at will between the different worlds of classic and pop, theatre and show, past and future – and for her there are no contradictions but rather stops on a great voice’s path to her roots. 
Everything has a reason in life. Sometimes it takes a while but sooner or later the circle closes. Arndis Halla is the best proof that this is the case. Take the horses, for example. Even as a child, she loved them. Today, Arndis Halla has for many years been the voice of APASSIONATA, Europe’s most successful show with horses, admired by audiences of over three million to date. Further she published together with one of the best Icelandic Fotographer Emil Thór her first book in the beginning of March 2011, celebrated as new style of media book which can consumed with all senses. 
Or what about the music? As a teenager Arndis Halla sang in a rock band. She started taking lessons three times but repeatedly gave up. “I wasn’t mature enough”. Aged 19 she started to take it seriously and studied the entire spectrum from classical and jazz to pop, with classical gaining the upper hand. Arndis Halla moved to Berlin and, while she was studying at the University of the Arts, she was chosen by the great Harry Kupfer to perform as a soloist at the Komische Oper (Comic Opera House). The soprano was on her way: operas, concerts, lieder evenings, Berlin, Prag, Seoul – and Iceland. 
During work on “Apassionata”, the musical mosaic and Arndis Halla’s personality came together to create a new, complete picture. The grandezza of opera, the melancholy of her home country, and the drive of modern sounds – resulting in a style that was excitingly different. 
“Then one thing just followed the next,” says Arndis Halla, talking about the songs on her albums. They are the odes of an exceptional and classically trained talent on the way to its roots, taking in Pavarotti, Robbie Williams, Whitney Houston or Deep Purple – Arndis Halla reveres them all, but her heart belongs to the sounds of Iceland. “There is a little more minor key in my country’s music”, Arndis Halla says. “One hears the wind in the fifths. The sound of “odur” for example reflects the nature of the island, its fjords, geysers and volcanoes: clear, cold, a little dangerous but, above all, beautiful”. 
She achieved international standing playing the role of the “Queen of the Night” in Mozart’s “Magic Flute”. Whether appearing in South Korea or in European venues such as the Prague State Opera House, she has enjoyed great success. In 2007 it was Arndis Halla’s unique voice that opened the Venice Film Festival, and she has performed in “Ariadne on Naxos” at the Icelandic Opera House, after which she appeared in “Evita”, taking the lead role. 
With her enchanting performances and albums, this voice is getting ready to soar ever higher – and no wonder: the strength of the king of the skies is already part of her name – Arndis means “eagle woman”.