Arni Karlsson is a jazz trained pianist, working from Reykjavik, Iceland. He has played in several recordings and his recent album, Boundaries, is out in August 2009. Starting his musical education at an early age he soon became interested in jazz performance and pursued it alongside his classical studies at FIH. He also went to Amsterdam in The Netherlands to study with pianist Rob Madna. After studying in Amsterdam he decided to delve further into classical music, studying in London with Martino Tirimo and ending with a Masters degree from CCM where he studied with Dr. William Black. Since his homecoming in 2003, he has been active in the music life in Reykjavik, playing concerts with various performers and bands, writing and directing music at the National Theatre, teaching piano at various musical institutions, making music for a film and more. Arni´s first album Q is available for download at

Arni´s latest recording, Boundaries / Mæri , was published in August 2009 with the publishing house Dimma.