“Árstidir can be Iceland’s next breakout band” /FolashadevOyegbola, Examiner.com

“If you think that Iceland is only Björk and Sigur Rós, listen to Árstíðir!” /Michal Loska, Magnetoffon, Poland

“Árstíðir is Iceland’s latest export success.”

/Ulrich Joosten, Folker Magazine, Germany

“Árstíðir is similar to some other Icelandic bands in that they sound big and orchestral like Sigur Rós and, like Ólöf Arnalds, they strike that magic balance between intimacy and mystery.”/ Beverly Bryan, MTV Iggy

Over the six years since Árstíðir’s formation the band has released two full-length records and a remix EP praised by music critics, had two number one hits on Icelandic radio, and played sold out venues all over the world.

Árstíðir’s third album, Hvel, was recorded in the band’s rehearsal space Toppstöðin: an old abandoned power plant in Reykavík. Hvel will be released world wide in January 2015

Daniel Auðunsson – guitar, vocals

Gunnar Már Jakobsson – baritone guitar, vocals

Karl James Pestka – violin, electric violin, viola, programming, vocals

Ragnar Ólafsson – piano, vocals