Those familiar with the n5MD cannon may recognize the names of the duo behind Asonat. Fannar Ásgrímsson and Jónas Thor Guðmundsson both have released on the imprint before. Ásgrímsson as one part of Plastik Joy and Guðmundsson as Ruxpin. Asonat was founded only couple months after Ásgrímsson returned to his native country of Iceland after studying abroad. He contacted Guðmundsson to see if a collaboration was possible. Upon their first meeting they wrote couple of songs and felt they should further explore the partnership. Over the next year they wrote and recorded what would become tracks for their debut. To further extend this new collaboration they also invited the Icelandic artist Kjartan Ólafsson (Ampop & Kjarr), Japanese singer Chihiro and the French singer Olèna Simon to work with them on their debut album Love in Times of Repetition.The debut album was released in april 2012 and recieved good responses from critics and music fans. [Sic] Magazine wrote that the debut “is a frosted glass masterpiece with huge crossover potential.” Igloomag wrote that the album is “[a] very picturesque musical journey through introverted winter-like soundscapes which deliberately bring to the fore a certain sense of mysteriousness and sentimental brilliance.” In December the band released a follow up single entitled Forever We Ran with three new tracks. The track Rökkurró will feature on the compilation Made in Iceland VI, which showcases the latest fresh things from Iceland.In 2014 the band released their second full-length album entitled Connection. The album finds the original duo of Ásgrímsson and Guðmundsson expanding into a trio that now encapsulates, their often go-to, French vocalist Oléna Simon. Connection also find the band writing more from their respective parts of Europe. Their current bases of operation being Estonia, Iceland and France made the creation process a bit more challenging but the trio already has such a ‘connection’ that they can come together to make some of the best electronic-pop of their collective carriers regardless of geographic location or cultural background. In sharp juxtaposition to the artistic connection between the trio the underlying lyrical theme of the album is often about missed opportunities and missed connections. For the album’s single the trio teamed up with the talented artists Sebastián Infante and Maga Kwasniewska from TugaMOVIL to create the first official music video for Asonat. Connection is subtle, gratifyingly warm and a perfect slice of vocally biased electronic music. DiscographyOn the Other Side EP (n5MD, 2012)Love in Times of Repetition (n5MD, 2012)Forever We Ran (n5MD, 2013)Rather Interesting (n5MD, 2014)Connection (n5MD, 2014)