Atónal Blús is a band consisting of theremin, drums, percussion, harmonica, electric guitar, male and female vocals and double bass mostly played with a bow.

The music can be described as ……fierce, driven and hypnotic, seeking inspiration among other in rhythms found in ethnic music…..melodic but also turning dark and dissonant with lyrics sung both in icelandic and english, sometimes blending the two languages….slow and epic, stretching into more improvised soundscapes, but also short, clear and fast.


“An experiment that really works”

Jónas Sen, Fréttablaðið


This is exploding stuff….A highly recommended album”

Dr. Gunni


“Without doubt one of the most interesting albums to be released in Iceland for a long time”

Benedikt Reynisson, Kjarninn (page 85)


“Definitely worth a spin for rock heads looking for a little more danger in their music”

Bob Cluness. The Reykjavik Grapevine.


“Atónal Blús is a new “strange” creature on the Icelandic music scene. Creates music eccentric and highly original, that violates the applicable rules adopted to music. The team operates outside of genres, as well as outside the norms and logic, to which we are accustomed”

Marcin Kozicki. Muzyka Islandzka.