ATRUM is an Icelandic extreme musical entity founded upon the idea to create a powerful and dynamic atmosphere within complicated and challenging music. Originally forged in 2005 by vocalist, lead guitarist and composer Sigurður, rhythm guitarist Úlfar and drummer Arnar, the band has overcome line-up changes, musical changes and ideological challenges but always reached a higher level of strength. Since then ATRUM has made a significant impact on the Icelandic metal scene with their forceful blend of death and black metal, mixed with Sigurður‘s and Úlfar‘s experience in classical music and, with the parting of Arnar in 2007, it was structurally completed by the addition of Icelands fastest and most prominent metal drummer Ragnar. After lengthy and mind numbing demo sessions ATRUM has returned from a short hiatus to deliver what they aspire to be one of the most impressive debuts of modern metal that should pave the way towards international activities and recognition. ATRUM is a young band, a hardworking band and more than worth a listen for all fans of metal.