“AXXE are the great electro-pop duo from Montreal […] who haven’t got the attention that they deserve. However, they got the attention from great remixers such as Worship, Neon Workout and now Cavaliers of Fun. Maybe it’s time for AXXE to hit it off during 2010 as well.” – Tracasseur

“[…] expertly crafted disco pop that just oozes decadence […]” – Electronic Rumors

Most acts are born out of love. A love for music. A love for a scene. More often than not, a love for groupies.

Montreal electro-funk duo AXXE are born out of a dislike for each other.

Foregoing the usual pretence of ’keeping it real’, their chosen songwriting process is completely virtual with the aid of technology, despite practically living in close quarters.

AXXE remain a mystery to others as well as to themselves. A curious amalgam of opposing Type A and Type B personalities. A story of blood and tears, and not sweat.

Indeed, the magic of the group to craft pop songs that move the hearts and feet of hot girls and boys is without explanation. It should not work. But yet it does.

Douglas Chow is the city’s foremost talent when it comes to air playing samples stolen from other bands. Mr. Chow will rip off everything and everyone, no one is safe… not even the Bay City Rollers. Joined by one cool singer from Iceland, Stina Agustsdottir, the twosome evoke the heady club nights of the late 70s/early 80s.

Brooke Shields… Margaret Trudeau… Divine… Zsa Zsa and Eva Gabor… Calvin Klein… Mark Gastineau… young Drew Barrymore… and the eminent Leif Garrett.

And of course, there must always be one exuberant contradiction. Despite their differences, the moniker AXXE is inspired by a shared penchant for a classic ARP analogue synth and for hair metal cheese. Yes, ’cum on and feel the noize’.

Among the pair’s achievements in just a year and a half in existence, in September 2008, AXXE’s Hard Candy was handpicked by Montreal outdoor electronic music festival Piknic Électronik as one of their weekly top 5 (Jamais sans mon top 5 !).

The group has released, with four international electro stars, remixes of their ‘double A-side’ (Hard Candy b/w S.A.T.U.R.D.A.Y. Night): Geneva’s Worship (Lady Gaga, Grum), Stockholm italo-disco king Neon Workout (Girlfriend Records), UK’s enigmaticCavaliers of Fun (Dragonette, The Teenagers, Nightwaves) and Sweden’s Zakolski (Tokyoh Records).

AXXE are signed to Montreal house imprint Mile End Records(home to Miguel Graça and Angel Morales) and Toronto’s Rural Route Records.

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