Extreme music from Iceland with members from bands such as Atrum, Offerings and Malignant Mist. Drawing influence from the extreme music genre it aims to express an impressionistic experience of the cosmos and it's connection to living things.

In 2012 the project released it's debut album titled ''GATEWAYS'' which has gotten a decent praise from underground zines & blogs. The band started as a two man idea but later progressed to a more objective form, adding two members from Malignant Mist, making live appearance possible. The band is currently working on their second full length due to be released in 2014.


"What an amazing album this is. Coming out of nowhere, arrives simply one of the most devastating albums for the year." – Forevercursed.blogspot.com

"To break things down, Azoic is a band that should be on everyone's radar. Gateways is quite simply one of the most enjoyable albums released this year so far, and one of the best debut releases I've heard in recent times." – Halifaxcollect (James Frigge)

"The record, Gateways, shows limitless promise, and surprising mastery. Especially for a group that basically came out of nowhere." –Fullmetalattorney.blogspot.com


Benedikt – Guitar & Vocals
Máni – Guitar
Sigurgeir – Bass
Ragnar – Drums