Bárujárn was funded in 2008 after members met at a industrial showcase for corrugated iron and related suplies in Hafnir city on the wind barren south coast of Iceland. The music was to represent the black sands and waves that is the heart and life of the booming Icelandic surfer culture. Determined to succeed in a world full of tears the band went on to wither in the ashes of their poorly rolled cigarettes through relentless unprofessionalism, constant poverty and petty crime.

They released an EP in 2010 commonly mistaken for the crushed remnants of a grilled sandwich due to its luxurious aluminum foil wrapping. This packaging failure resulted in the frequent discarding of the EP to the trash bin at local radio stations and hence no airplay.

Theraminist Hekla Magnúsdóttir quit the band in 2011 partly because of an artistic misunderstanding but mostly due to frequent sexist remarks and the general decadence of the remaining members.

As of this writing their main accomplishments subsists of a failed make it or break it tour through the neighboring Farao islands, supporting local child star turned hot-shot Brandur Enni and getting to the semi finals in the unofficial battle of the bands.

After years of procrastination their debut album was released in 2013. They are currently working on their second and third efforts.