Despite his young age, Beatmakin Troopa has quite a moved history in Iceland’s Hip Hop, Electronica scene.
Troopa has Released four instrumental records ” Grass still grows ” (2002) “Peaceful Thinking” (2005) “Surprise Visit (2006) “Search For Peace” (2008). He has also released alot of sideprojects. And of course one of band members of the electronic duo Stereo Hypnosis with his father. ” They have release three albums.
Troopa are also one of the promoter and co founder of the Extreme Chill Festival.
The Extreme Chill Festival are held the second weekend in august every year.
You can tell from the songs on his latest album “Search for peace” that this guy is no beginner: the new album sounds very sophisticated and all of a piece. Again Beatmakin Troopa finds your ear by mixing laid-back beats with jazzy, catchy lounge tunes. If you are interested in some well-tempered jazzy downbeat music, he will be your choice.