Benjamín Náttmörður Árnason

An Icelandic musician who plays his own music with some of the most aspiring young instrumentalists in Iceland.


Magnús Trygvason Elíassen: drums

Jón Elísson: keybord

Leifur Gunnarsson: acoustic bass on the record

Valdimar Olgeirsson: acoustic bass live band

Benjamín Náttmörður Árnason: vocals/guitar


Benjamín made a couple of EPs and played few tours before 2005, in 2005 he toured for two months along with the rock band "Man Behind The Wheel" of North America, not only playing shows but recording 140 hours of tour material and documenting the Icelandic rock group touring America.

Since then Benjamín has been studying music more carefully and broadening his understanding of music, playing, writing and putting together not just another debut EP but a record with the perfect band to play the music.

Benjamín just released the album "Over" the 1st of December 2010, a melodic jazzy lyrically based music for people with a versatile taste in music. Distributing country-wide in Iceland, in all major online stores and spreading quickly, coming soon everywhere.

Benjamín also released a video for the single "Ég vil þig" which has made quite an impression on people.