Berglind came from a small village listening to heavy metal and micheal jackson . she moved to Reykavik and started reading poems before concerts of friends and in 1997 Smekkleysa asked her to make her first album. it was called Fiskur nr.1 and was made with friends from the same scene artist Gunnar Óskarsson, Helga Sif Guðmundsdóttir, Sölvi Blöndal, Curver, Elíza Newman, Viðar Hákon Gíslason.

Then she went to art school and graduated 2003. she likes mixing art and music together and would play lot of shows in galleries and art openings. and in 2010 came here second solo album Vinir bjarga deginum / friends save the day.. also done with different friends naming Hellvar, Curver, Gísli Magnússon, Jóhann Eiríksson from Reptilicus, Frank Murder, Tanya Pollock, Thor, Óli Breiðfjörð, Árni og Raggi.

It took here some time getting the album together and while working on it she formed a italo disco dance band Company Bee for the experimental Weirdgore nights were she was asked to play. The band started  with her and Kristjan Zaklinsky good friend that she still collaborates with and they took one week locked in a room and wrote 40 minutes of sounds to play that night but soon the band grew to 8 members party friends from poland france usa and iceland and they would sing in all the languages and had a nice following and played a lot of parties in Iceland. they recored one demo. Social Suicide in 2008
then all of them moved to different parts of the world and berglind moved to berlin to work on her art and music.
she became very active and inspired there and had lot of art shows and concerts touring around europe and usa.. 
she collaborated with the band Lemercier & The Lala by singing vocals and recorded with them the album Charivari. also she sang as a guest singer for THE COCONUTS CLUB on there album Stranded
she also started here more experimental lo-fi project "dream lovers" where she works more with sounds inspired by a big love she had that influenced here a lot. she makes the music alone and the aim is to have less and less vocal more sounds instrumental and cut ups and sharing the journey. she made 2 limited handmade tapes dream lovers 1-10 copies 2012 and dream lovers 2-20 copies 2013
in mars 2013 she released here new solo album " i am your girl "
the album was collaboration between many artist from all over 
naming Kristjan Zaklinsky, Ludwig Giersch, Quadruplos, Elvis2, Stephane Arillete Stereovoid, Die Blutige Hand, Konrad Zientara and 
Adrienne Teicher. 
it about begin in love, hope, friendship, broken hearts and longing
she wrote on her blog for the album
"the song are wery personal and coming from my heart. im wery much intrested in the feeling of the first take and most of them were made at home. i wanna create experimental pop music that is honest and comes from my heart." 
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