Bláskjár is the alter ego and solo project of the Icelandic composer and musician, Dísa Hreiðarsdóttir. Bláskjár´s music is a mixture of neo-classical and electronic folk music where storytelling plays a big role. Bláskjár focuses on playing humble and lyrical music, straight from the heart, using soundscapes from the nature and electronic beats to twist things up a little. Bláskjár released two singles in 2015 and the latter one, Silkirein, was chosen “The best Icelandic song of 2015” according RokMusik as well as making it to Beehype´s list of 150 best songs of 2015.

“Another great new talent from Iceland, Bláskjár mixes electronic and neo-classical music with 17th century poetry in her beautiful debut video”  –
Bláskjár released her debut EP on 13th of May 2016. The album titled, “As I pondered these things,” contains 5 songs, written about love, sorrow and life as we know it.