Singer/Songwriter/Recording Artist, Brynjar Mar was born in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Brynjar Mar was introduced to music at a very early age through his father’s love of rock music and ability to play the guitar. Following in his father’s footsteps, Brynjar taught himself how to play the guitar, and before anyone knew it, was composing his own music by the age of 13, as well as playing in bands with other local rock bands. In 1995, at the age of 15, the talented Icelandic Artist decided to start his own band he called Tiramizu, and received airplay at a local rock station as well as the national radio, immediately following this with the composition and release of two singles. Inspired by this accomplishment, Brynjar Mar pushed on, putting together yet another band called “Kenya”, and further surprised his friends and family by composing and scoring a Top 40 hit titled, “Young and Free”.

In 1999, Brynjar Mar began touring with a band called “Undryð", that is until 2001, when he decided to try his hand at radio. Brynjar reflects: “I came to a stop in my life. I felt like something was missing. It seemed all I did was give, but I wasn’t getting anything back. Radio appeared to be a really exciting field where I could learn even more about music as well as constantly be around the one thing I loved more than anything.”

For the next five years, Brynjar Mar worked as a program, music director for a media company in Iceland. The experience gained him an even greater understanding and appreciation of music.

Armed with an inside knowledge of how things worked in the industry, Brynjar in 2007, decided to once more return to his musical compositions. This time he teamed up with US lyricist, Shirley Petrandis, also known as SJ Knight, and US co-writer/lyricist, Josh Zandman.

Brynjar Mar has already landed several hit singles in Europe in the last two years under his former name, BMV, as well as traveled to New York to record an album with engineer/producer, Ken Lewis, and his assistant Brent Kolotalo.

Currently Brynjar Mar is in the studio working on his new album, which is set to be released in the beginning of 2010.