The story of Casio Fatso began early 2012 when the singer/guitarist SIR got a crazy idea of calling a drummer which he had known for about 18 years and start a band. All those years they never even considered playing together but at that moment, lightning struck and the future was born.

Together they started to audition for a another guitar player and a bass player. First they settled on a minimalistic blues guitarist and an actress for a bass player. They did some nihilistic shows, well rehearsed photo shoots and practised at their headquarters to get ready for world domination…
3 bass players later they finally settled upon a line up consisting of the singer/guitarist SIR, the drummer Hjörtur, the bass machine Anna Magga and a new guitarist called Dolli. Together they have played all over the country, done some festivals and spent a shitload of time practicing, scheming, writing and recording.
Casio Fatso plays Modnine rock (modern 90's rock) and have fine polished their material and are currently recording their first album, which is scheduled for release 2014.

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