Despite recent break-ups of longtime veterans of the Icelandic underground scene like Changer and I Adapt, there is no need to press the panic button. Judging from the debut album of the young atmospheric post-metallers Celestine, the Icelandic metal scene is ripe. From the opening song, Despair And, Celestine evokes a chilling grind built on heavy guitar sound, guttural vocals from one of the most promising throats in the business, and a gradual devolution of structure that parlays the required despair. Six songs in all ( titled Despair And, Witness The, Ruin Of, God And, Me one is untitled), the recording shows that Celestine has the potential to grab the reins of the underground and make this scene their own. Recent line-up changes promise to bring a further infusion of heavyness that will make this band a force in live settings. SBB