Cocktail Vomit is a brand new version of the band "Dr. Disco Shrimp," which was formed in New York 2003 by original members Thor, Holmar Filipson and singer Unnur Andrea. They performed several times in Iceland as well as in the U.S.A and Norway, and their music has been described as a blend of 80´s pop, Italo Disco, Electro and House Music. With Holmar living in New York, and Unnur and Thor in Iceland, it became difficult for the band to cooperate. Holmar was eventually replaced by Adalsteinn Gudmundson (better known as Yagya) while guitarist Örn B. Arnarson and singer Sveinbjorg Petursdottir were recently added. At that point they decided the name "Cocktail Vomit" would be much more suitable.