Cosmic Call is a five-piece indie rock band from the countryside of Iceland. Despite coming from a small town they bare all the qualities of a big-stadium band. On stage they are electrifying, bringing raw-emotions while creating a sonic landscape with echoed guitars, synthesizers and a violin. A unique combination of those instruments is what defines their sound.

The band was formed by a group of friends that all shared the same passion for music and art. Drawing from varied influences songs started coming to life and the band rapidly evolved. Equally inspired by bands like Arcade Fire, The Cure, Pixies, Joy Division and Yeah Yeah Yeahs. 

Soon after the bands formation they went into the studio to record an EP album. Their goal was to capture the musics original feel before it wore off. The EP took 6 months in the making. It was recorded by Sigurður I. Þorvaldsson, one of Icelands top producers and mastered by grammy award winning engineer Richard Dodd (Kings of Leon, Greenday, Red Hot Chilli Peppers). The album was released on the 24th of July in 2009. A limited hand sewed edition of 1000 copies made by the band members and their friends and family.