Los Angeles/Reykjavik-based singer/songwriter/violin guy ROLAND HARTWELL has been creating one helluva buzz with his alt/pop/rock band CYNIC GURU, which combines elements of TEARS FOR FEARS, The BEATLES and leftfield oddness into an affable pop mix. A violinist with the Iceland Symphony Orchestra (who've also crossed musical paths with native daughter Bjork), Hartwell has played for Dr. Dre, Cher, P. Diddy, Mandy Moore, Burt Bacharach, Elvis Costello, Brian Adams, Leanne Rimes, Dionne Warwick, and Barry White.  Joseph Davidson of Firstlook.com touted, "How Los Angeles-based Cynic Guru has avoided the scope of major label radar is beyond comprehension. With an impressive balance of radio-friendly hooks and musical expertise, this underground sensation is poised to take the alt-rock world by storm." By Tom Farrell of Music Biz Magazine.  

Cynic Guru is signed in Japan (Westwood Records), Iceland (Sena Records), and the UK (Fat Northerner Records).  Cynic Guru's first cd, entitled "ICELAND" is available online via the SENA website (www.sena.com),  as well as Skifan stores throughout Iceland. Their second cd, entitled "Cynic Guru", has just been released in the UK.  It is available online via the Fat Northerner website (www.fatnortherner.com).