Born from the seed of an idea. It was the idealism of crazy rock and roll, laced with humor and a liberal dose of outrageous stage antics, that gave birth to Dr. Spock, fully equipped to kick the complacent collective asses of what we used to call rock and roll.

The rise of Icelandic finest is a tale of unity. In the final years before the millennium there was only a group of artists who met randomly to discharge the energy flowing between them. Dr. Spock was born. Dr. Spock remained underground for a few more years only to emerge once in a while to play live shows.
To many it seemed that Dr. Spock would eventually fade away into obscurity, only to dwell in the collective memory of the lucky concertgoers who witnessed the live explosions of energy.

Enter a freak coincidence. Dr. Spock was asked to donate a track for the film Oskaborn Thjodarinnar starring the Icelandic rock singer legend Ottarr Proppe. Dr. Spock asked Mr. Proppe to sing on the track not knowing that a mystical course of action was in motion. Mr. Proppe joined the band after that fateful recording session.

Finally the restraints would give in. At the Iceland Airwaves 2004 festival, Dr. Spock unleashed their material in front of a frantic receptive crowd. The Director of Smekkleysa records witnessed the havoc and offered the band a record deal.
Dr. Spock recorded the debut album Dr. Phil live in the studio. The birth of Dr. Phil took 20 hours. Smekkleysa released Dr. Phil in the summer of 2005. The album received rave reviews from the music press and the band was shot to Iceland rock stardom.

Dr. Spock followed the release with a string of hectic live shows around Iceland playing both the smallest and biggest venues around as well as the only high security prison in the country.
In 2006 Dr. Spock were invited to play the Eurosonic festival in Holland as well as South by Southwest in Austin, Texas. Dr. Spock also played dates in other US cities as well as Scandinavia.
At home Dr. Spock supported Alice Cooper and Iggy Pop & the Stooges on top of a string of local festivals and gigs.

Dr. Spock was nominated for an Icelandic music award for best live performance. They also received 4 nominations at the XFM radio awards and walked away with the award for best live act. In 2006 Dr. Spock worked with singer/songwriter Mugison on a track for the Icelandic crime film Myrin.

Recently Dr. Spock recorded the 4 track EP, The Incredible Tooth of Dr. Zoega. The first single of the release, Skitapakk hit the charts and secured the number one spot and stayed there for six weeks. Dr. Spock is currently working on their second LP due out fall summer 2008.