The band DreamWife was formed by the Icelandic musician Rakel Mjöll and her school sisters Bella and Alice. ”It started out as an art project, a performance piece at our Art University in Brighton spring 2014, with no intention of forming an actual band” said Rakel Mjöll. However, when they started booking gigs and festivals around England like a real band earlier this year, they decided to take it to the next level and do a month long tour around Canada. Returning back to England in the fall they played a numerous of shows as well as the Iceland Airwaves showcase festival. DreamWife play dreamy grungy pop, an ode to their 90’s idols. With posters of Jordan Catalano and young Leo Dicaprio on their wall they are now recording their first release. They recently signed with Enfer Records (UK/FR) for their first EP release (international) due in February 2015. This Icelandic and British band is young on the scene but ambitious with dreams, after all their name is DreamWife.