After Eberg’s much-praised debut album, ‘Plastic Lions’ scored rave reviews all over the press in 2004, he followed it with the success of a second album Voff Voff, which saw it’s key track ‘Inside Your Head’ go from being used on the OC and hitting iTunes electronic top 10 in the USA, to being picked up by Apple as the tune to launch its iPhone in the US.

Now the Icelandic acoustic indie pop is set to release his third album, ‘Antidote’ in 2009 .

On Antidote Eberg takes the best moods from his first two albums, the poignant and quirky feel of Plastic Lions, and the best slick off-beat pop and dance which he developed on Voff Voff to produce a piece of total classic joy, which as usual for Eberg, sounds like nothing else.