Feldberg is the musical incarnation of Icelandic duo, Eberg (Einar Tönsberg) and Rósa Birgitta Ísfeld.

Feldberg was formed in January 2009 by Eberg, a well known Icelandic musical figure who released three albums previously in Scandinavia and Europe and has numerous syncs of his tracks on film, TV and adverts. After Eberg’s much-praised debut album, ‘Plastic Lions’ scored rave reviews all over the press in 2004, he followed it with the success of a second album Voff Voff, which saw its key track ‘Inside Your Head’ go from being used on the OC and hitting iTunes electronic top 10 in the USA, to being picked up by Apple as the tune to launch its iPhone in the US.

Eberg had been working on a specific sync which required a female vocalist enter Rósa Birgitta Ísfeld. Rosa, who as well as a session jazz singer, was part of a well-known Icelandic pop band Sometime, was recommended by a mutual friend. From their first meet the pair hit it off immediately and just after writing their first song, they both knew they were on to something and would have to continue working together.

Deciding to call themselves Feldberg, the band decided to meet every Tuesday night for a couple of months and write songs. It wasn’t long until one of their tracks of their soon to be released debut album, Don’t Be Stranger got featured in an ad for the Nova Telecom Company and the public pressure was on them to release the track as a single. Record label Cod Music contacted them and offered to them to release the track which became an instant radio hit and was also used on several Icelandic compilation albums. Feldberg finished recording the album last year and released it in Iceland in October 2009 via Cod Music. 

Rosa’s voice is distinctly unique, the bluesy, wholesome soulful voice with the slight foreign Scando touch, automatically separates her from the thousands of other talented voices. Musically Don’t Be A Stranger combines electronic, acoustic, folky, percussion elements retaining its pop sensibility. Starter track is the psychedelic inspired In Your Arms, followed by the dreamy folky Farewell, with its amazing ambient catchy chorus, followed by track Dreaming a smooth affair featuring the sweet banter between Rosa and Eberg. The track has been picked up for the coveted Kitsune Maison compilation set for release in April 2010. Furthermore the album introduces tracks such as Running around, House of Fun showing the diversity of Feldberg sound combing Americana inspired electronica, moving further on to other three minute wonders such as Eleven, You & Me possibly the cutest track ever. Towards the end of the album, we find title track and previously mentioned Don’t Be A Stranger, an unsurprisingly hit already in Icelandic, this track is the perfect pop song, showcasing the depth yet the accessibility of Feldberg as well as the depth of emotion in Rosa’s voice.