Gardar Thór Cortes is a unique talent from a unique land. His name may appear Spanish but he's from Iceland, where his debut album was the fastest selling release ever. When the album was released in the UK in April it shot straight to number one in the classical charts and has stayed there ever since, keeping the likes of Pavarotti off the top spot. Great tenors can bloom in strange places but Gardar was born to sing. His sister Nanna a soprano is a professional opera singer and younger brother Aron is currently studying to be a baritone. His English mother Krystyna, a concert pianist, was a piano student at the Royal Academy of Music when she married Gardar Cortes senior and moved to the north Atlantic. Cortes's father was a world class Tenor in his prime with Domingo actually stepping in for him once when he was too ill to perform. His debut concert in Reykjavik, where he was joined by Katherine Jenkins, was another triumph. For the UK release of the album he has recorded