Guðmundur Pétursson is a guitarist, composer and producer, also known as “GP!”. Critics have often found his music difficult to categorize, but it can be defined as instrumental art rock; an eclectic mixture of electronica, prog, 60's pop, kraut/post rock, rural blues and modern jazz. The music is ever-changing and seems to move seamlessly between genres to create unique dimensions. He has made two albums Ologies (2008) and Elabórat (2011) and his band has performed at various rock and jazz festivals.
GP! was initially considered a blues prodigy and had performed and recorded with the Chicago legends Pinetop Perkins and Billy Boy Arnold before he had reached the age of twenty. A strong connection with the blues heritage has always been at the heart of his musical language, expanded dramatically with classical education, session work, jazz improvisation, film soundtracks, theater music and experimentation. GP!'s stylistic diversity and equal skills as a improviser as well as studio musician have made him one of Iceland's most important guitarists. He has played on hundreds of albums and countless live media appearances ranging from contemporary classical to punk-rock and he is a three-time recipient of the Icelandic Music Award for his guitar playing.
The other members of GP!'s band are Pétur Ben (Solo artist/Mugison/Kippi Kanínus) Guitar/Cello, Styrmir Hauksson (Ásgeir Trausti/Retro Stefson/Moses Hightower/Blodgroup) Keyboards, Valdimar Kolbeinn Sigurjónsson (Hjálmar/Flís/Megas) Bass, Kristinn Agnarsson (John Grant/Jónas Sigursson/Megas/Bubbi/Jónas Sigurðsson) drums.