The Icelandic band Halleluwah, the brain child of Quarashi's producer Sölvi Blöndal just released the second single by his new formed band, the song 'Blue Velvet'.

In this project, Sölvi steps out of his comfort zone of usually working with a male rapper and decides this time around to find his feminine side, so he recruits the singer Raketa, also known as Rakel Mjöll, former singer of bands Útidúr & Sykur. Raketa fled the country last year to embark on a slightly new career path and is studying Visual Arts in the sunny seaside town of Brighton in the UK. But Sölvi, who recently moved back to 101 Reykjavík having spent the last years in Stockholm, persuaded her to come back during school breaks to start a new music collaboration project. 'Blue Velvet' is the first result of that collaboration and there's more to come… The music inspiration for the song can be lead to the popular wave of Girl-Pop bands in the 60's, such as Shangri-Las, the Crystals and France Gall, with a mixture of hiphop and dark electro beats.