Hallvarður Ásgeirsson is a composer
working on the boarders of avant classical composition, electronic
music, guitar soundscapes and poetry. He has written 2 works with
choreographer Saga Sigurðardóttir, Scape of Grace and Predator. He
is currently writing for an upcoming show by the Icelandic Dance
Company entitled ‘HulA’.

Predator is a choir piece influenced by
midieval music but with a modern flair. Scape of Grace is a study of
sound and choreography for 5 dancers and 5 amplifiers and cabinets.

Hallvarður has an M.Mus degree in
composition from Brooklyn College and a BA in composition/new media
from Art Academy of Iceland.

Hallvarður has written the pieces
Miniature#3, Miniature#9 for piano and Toccata for toy piano for
pianist Tinna Þorsteinsdóttir.

Hallvarður premiered the work Predator at Reykjavík Dance Festival 2014, a collaboration with the choreographer Saga Sigurðardóttir. In the work Hallvarður explores medieval choral music with a avant modern twist, and atonal drones through use of his custom built instrument, the Vardiphone.

Another collaboration between Hallvarður and Saga, performed at the RDF 2013, was the work SCAPE of GRACE, a collaboration between choreography and electro acoustic guitar music for 5 dancers and 5 guitar amps. It was also performed at Dark Music Days 2014 in Harpan.


2014 ‘Portrait’  (Paradigms Recordings) A new body of work recorded live at the stunning, isolated Skálholt church in Iceland, ‘Portrait’ features an ambitious quartet of solo violin, contrabass, dorophone and guitar. A bold and beautiful collection of modern classical and minimal Scandinavian composition, written and perfomred by Asgeirsson and trio. The concert in its entirety encompasses his classical flare, which hints at the atonal movement of 20th century composition, interlinked with vast glacial passages of more delicate nature, that lend themselves perfectly as a soundtrack to the location of the recordings themselves.

2013 Las Casas (Paradigms Recordings) An eclectic offering, dense with glacial Arctic ambience, avantgarde song structures, electronic soundscapes, introspective acoustic pieces and an underlying Native American atmosphere

 2009. Death & Resurrection (Andrymi). A collection of electronic industrial songcraft, ranging from quiet melodic songcraft, to harsh industrial rhytmic compositions.

2007. Líkn (Andrymi) A collection of ambient industrial songcraft, featuring a 4 piece band.

2006 Lífsblómið was released on Paradigms Recordings. Challenging yet beautiful, powerful and evocative avant modern classical composition taking elements of the 20th Century Viennese musical school of Schonberg, Berg and Webern, the urban deconstructionalism of Einsturzende Neubauten and the desolate arctic glow of Sigur Ros, Biosphere or the Kranky Records roster. Droning doomed classical, shadowy atmospherics and carefully layered works complemented by choral Teutonics for female voice.

2003 Spegilmynd Púpunnar. (Nýhil) A book of surrealist poetry.