Claimed by Björk at one time as being her "favourite band", HAM were predominantly active between 1988 to 1994. Their first album, Hold, was a controversial record which received no radio airtime, but the band's attempt to get into the big league began when they warmed up for The Sugarcubes (five concerts) in 1988. The band recorded several albums and issued a few live recordings – and also participated in the making of the film Sódóma Reykjavík – before breaking up in 1994 with a farewell concert in the now defunct Tunglið in downtown Reykjavík (the live concert recording was subsequently released as the album Lengi lifi). Despite being officially retired HAM have regrouped for several one off shows over the last decade, most recently agreeing to play the closing set for the "Eistnaflug" 2011 festival.

Now they're  back properly with a brand new album called "Svik, harmur og dauði", which explores typically light-hearted themes such as betrayal, tragedy and death. Read an IMX interview with the band here.