Haukur Tómasson (Iceland 1960) studied composition in  Reykjavík, Cologne, Amsterdam and at the University of California, San Diego. Besides a large body of chamber music, Tómasson´s work includes nine orchestral pieces, six concertos and the opera Gudruns 4th Song. Tómasson has received numerous awards, the most prestigious being the Nordic Council Music Price which he received in 2004 for Gudrun´s 4th Song. 

Tómassons music is recorded on BIS and various other labels.

The music of Haukur Tómasson is vibrant and scintillating, characterized by intense rhythmic activity, bright, colorful timbres, and a keen ear for novel and effective instrumental combinations. His music bustles with energy and is often quite complex, although the rapidly moving surface rhythm occasionally comes to a halt, giving way to slowly moving sonorities of imposing power and austere beauty.  

(Photo: ©Karólína Thorarensen)