Hildur is a solo artist, songwriter and lyricist that has gained quite attention in her home country of Iceland in the last year and a half. Hildur released her first single “I’ll Walk With You” in February 2016. The song great attention and was a number #1 hit in the Icelandic radio chart for 2 weeks. She was then nominate as “Newcomer of the Year” and then won the” Pop Song of the Year” at the Icelandic Music Awards in March 2017. She also participated in the Icelandic preliminaries for the Eurovision Song Competition in March with her song “Bammbaramm” that became a household hit and went to the finals of the competition. In May 2017 she released her first EP, “Heart to Heart” that contains 6 songs written and performed by Hildur. She then continued to play a great amount of shows in Iceland. Hildur was also the singer and songwriter in the indie-rock band Rökkurró from 2008-2016 and they together released 3 LPs and toured Europe repeatedly.