Hoffman was formed in october 2003 on a small volcanic island of the southcoast of Iceland. The island which name is Vestman Islands is the hometown of all 5 band members. With a population of only 4500 people Hoffman started writing music for there first album. Just six months later there first EP album named "Bad Seeds" was released and the band started to get big radio airplay with singles from the album. In the following months and years the band played many gigs and singles from the album made it to the top of the charts on Iceland's biggest rock station. Last year the band started writing new material for it's upcoming LP album which has been named "Your secrets are safe with us" (october 9th 2009). The title of the album is related to the economic meltdown in Iceland. The band went searching for a good recording engineer and in the end Axel "Flex" Árnason was the one who got the job. The album was recorded in Vestman Islands http://www.islandstudios.is hometown of the band members and mixed and mastered in Reflex studios in Reykjavik. And now for the third time at Airwaves Hoffman will perform with brand new music from it's LP album. Contact info : hoffmanband@gmail.com.

Member Since:

June 06, 2005


Olafur-vocals Bjarki-guitar/vocals Viggo-guitar Aron-drums Jónsi-bass


Oasis, Autolux, The doors, Placebo, Radiohead, The National, Yeah yeah yeahs and many more

Sounds Like:

Can you tell us ?? ..