IMMO has released two albums with his band Original Melody and is now preparing to unveil his first solo album, 'Barcelona'. The album's title track revolves around a fateful event in the rapper's life in which his lower lip was severed in an attack by a stranger. The album is an attempt at making sense of the incident and it effectively mixes strong emotions with sarcastic humor. 'Barcelona' features various talented artists such as the brothers from Retro Stefson, Unnsteinn and Logi, each of which feature on separate tracks. Valborg Ólafsdóttir, the lead singer of The Lovely Lion, also makes an appearance in a song that deals with the after effects of the attack. But the album also reveals its lighter shades with guest appearances by the Icelandic pop star Friðrik Dór and the American rapper LO. Other features include the rapper Opee from O.N.E. and the singers Jason Nemor and Þorsteinn Kári. All of the songs on the album are produced by Fonetik Simbol with the exception of one song produced by Pedro Pilatus. This is a colorful Hip-Hop album that no one should miss.