Jon Jonsson was born and raised in the small town of Hafnarfjordur, Iceland. After graduating from Boston University, the twenty five year old began to pursue his longtime passion of writing and playing his guitar-driven, vocally resonant music.

He is accompanied by good friend Kristjan Bjarnason, who plays piano and helps Jon arrange and record music in their studio, Hljodmuli, and together the two work create a infectious sound reminiscent of Gavin Degraw, Jack Johnson and John Mayer—but with its own singular Icelandic groove.

To get the groove going in the studio and when performing live, Kristjan got his friends Gauti Olafsson, Binni Unnsteinsson and Steini Gudjonsson to play drums, bass and electric guitar.

Equal parts songwriting craft and vocal dexterity, each of Jon Jonsson’s songs plainly demonstrates the scope of his inimitable talent and boundless energy, along with his remarkable ability to enrapture an audience—no matter where in the world he goes.