Jónas Sen is a concert pianist and was the keyboard player in Björk’s band, on her world tours in 2007 and 2008. More recently he has been a guest performer in several of Björk’s Biophilia shows. Björk and Jónas arranged all the Biophilia songs for keyboard instruments, which was released on the iPad and iPhone versions of Biophilia.
Jónas has composed music for some of Gabríela Friðriksdóttir’s videos. He has also hosted many TV programs about music in Iceland. These include 12 programs about Icelandic instrumentalists (Tíu fingur), broadcast in 2006 and eight programs about Icelandic singers (Átta raddir), which were broadcast in 2011. His latest TV programs (Tónspor) featured composers and choreographers and were a joint venture of The Reykjavik Arts Festival and the Icelandic Broadcasting Corporation.
Jónas composed music for H, an Incident, a theater performance directed by Kris Verdonck that was premiered in Brusels in the spring of 2013.