KENYA: Kenya has been singing since she was born but it's only recently that she's been singing in public. Her first live gig was a tribute to Motown – she only went because friends encouraged her to try out. After that there was no stopping her and music became her main fuse. Shortly after the Motown tribute finished, in the fall of 2004, she formed Kenya Nemor with Jason Harden. The band performed at the 2006 Iceland Airways to good reviews. The band broke up and Kenya went solo. Jason became one of the producers on her album along with world renowned producer Pismo, who has previously worked with the likes of Beyoncé Knowles. Kenya writes her own lyrics. Her sound is best described as classic soul and R&B music with a modern twist. For her album Kenya worked with critically acclaimed musicians and producers, such as Eyþor Gunnarsson and Johann Asmundsson from Mezzoforte and the previously mentioned Pismo.