Kjuregej (Alexandra Argunova) is a Sakha- Yakutian artist who has lived and worked in Iceland for around 40 years.
The music she sings is principally from her native Yakutia, a land situated within the heart of Siberia. These unique folk songs paint vivid pictures alternately from lively Shamanic songs depicting the awakening Northland world to ghostly invocations of loss and icy cold. 
Kjuregej also performs nostalgic songs from Russia and from her adopted country Iceland, always in her inimitable style.
“In the past there were many similarities between Iceland and my home country. In Iceland fishermen went out to sea and in Sakha-Yakutia hunters went into the forest. These men sometimes never returned, they drowned or froze to death. Although poor, the people were not necessarily unhappy. Singing helped people through the ages”
In her new CD Lævirkinn (the Lark), Kjuregej is joined by musicians from the East of Iceland: composer/improvisor Charles Ross and roots rocker Halldór Warén who also produced the CD. Between them they create powerful accompanying soundscapes, ranging from primal throat singing, jews harp and shamanic drumming to wild gypsy violins and balalaikas. 
The C.D. also features three bonus tracks recorded by Kjuregej for national Icelandic radio in the early 70s.
Dark, Poignant, Beautiful; immerse yourself in the atmospheric world of Lævirkinn, an undiscovered country you’ll want to revisit time and time again.