Klassart was formed in 2006 by the siblings Smari Gudmundsson and Frida Dis Gudmundsdottir. Their first brakethrough came the same year winning the Ras 2 (Radio Channel 2) blues song competition. The following year the band released it‘s first album, Bottle of Blues, receiving very good media reviews. In the year 2009 their older brother, Palmar Gudmundsson, joined the band and mid 2010 they released the album Bréf frá Paris (A letter from Paris). The album´s first single, „Gamli grafreiturinn“ (a John Prine cover), topped the Icelandic charts in 2010.

The band is renowned for the silky voice of their lead singer Frida Dis, mixed with melodic songwriting and soft blues/country sound. The band currently consists of 5 members

Frida Dis: Vocals, flute

Smari Gudmundsson: Lead guitar, vocals

Palmar Gudmundsson: Bass

Þorvaldur Halldorsson: Drums

Bjorgvin Ivar Baldursson: Guitar