Kverk is an experimental and immersive musical performance based on live electronics, real-time sampling and processing. Tom Manoury, develops interactive tools and intuitive interfaces allowing great performing freedom. Seeking to break the rigid and sequenced environment often inherent to computer-based music, he creates his music in a very organic way, producing an eclectic and personal sound.

Tom Manoury is a French/Icelandic musician. He grew up in Paris and lived in Brussels for many years before moving to Reykjavik. Mostly self taught, he plays all kinds of wind instruments such as saxophones, euphonium, harmonica, and many others. He also sings and masters overtone and throat singing. Aside his carrier as an instrumentalist and composer he has been doing electronic music for over 10 years. Tom builds his set using the object oriented software Usine (www.sensomusic.com)