The story behind the 4-piece Icelandic garage band Lada Sport is as normal as is gets: guitarist/singer Stefnir Gunnarsson and drummer Haraldur Levi were neighbours and started covering some Weezer songs in a local garage. Things started to look good in 2003 when talented bassist Fridrik Sigurbjorn, from another garage band named after a drug, came along. Heimir Gestur, a mutual friend [and now a member of Jakobinarina], also got sucked in as second guitarist later that year. In 2004, after coming second after Mammut in the local Battle of the Bands competition (Musiktilraunir), the band quickly got a reputation through the Internet. In September 2004 they released 200 copies of a rare homemade EP. Heimir left and the band was on the verge of a break up, but the ball started rolling again in fall 2005 when Jon Thor, from garage bands such as Dead Raggi in Botnledja and Isidor, came along as a second guitarist. After long talks about music and heartbreak their friendship grew an