Legend: they are the new ones – yet they are not new. They are Krummi Björgvinsson, artist and singer/songwriter of the famed rock band Minus. And Halldor Björnsson, composer/producer of innumerable works of musical mastercraft. 

Over the past 10 years these two friends had both separately become giants in the Scandinavian music scene. But, Legend had to become. 

As the tale tells, one night the

ir passion for electronica, plus a seemingly quasi-telepathic studio work process -and copious amounts of beer – led a song called 'Devil In Me' to be born. This song was leaked to an Icelandic radio station and soared up to the top of the charts. 

Realising this had become more than an experiment, the duo took the name Legend, after Ridley Scott's cult film about a fantastical battle between darkness and light. The same theme of spiritual conflict permeates their music, leading many to label it as 80s goth electro. But, rest assured, this album is luminous, as these two talents combined shine brightly. 

The band's frontman and songwriter Krummi, is no stranger to the music world, having catapulted post punk-rock act Minus to deals with Sony, Victory Records, Smekkleysa, and One Little Indian. Legend's debut album Fearless was self-released on vinyl and CD in Iceland April 2012 to astonishing reviews, including comparisons to what reads as a who's who of modern music. An essential record that will keep giving back. Highly conceptual, dark and danceable, this new-darkwave duo have the big ones it takes to back up their name. Legend just signed to the Canadian label Artoffact Records. A perfect home for a band like us! The album Fearless was re-released on 11th of December in North America, Canada and Europe. 
The long awaited critically acclaimed debut album Fearless is out now and you can order the Icelandic version here online.
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