hypnotic sound, gleaned from various corners of contemporary
electronica, with songs built from minimal clicking rhythms, washes and
whispers of ambient sound, haunting melodies, swells and crescendos” –
Ja Ja Ja Music

“[M-Band] glows with sincere illustrations of wistful desire – intense,
conscious, and full of nurture… willing to take a listener in with
open arms and float to a warm haven.” – no fear of pop

“An artist who strives to maintain human elements
alongside his intricately woven electronic backdrops… Bjarnason’s
distinctive vocals lend a tender edge to his work.” – Nordic Playlist

M-Band is the solo-project of the multi-talented, multi-instrumentalist
Hörður Már Bjarnason. His music combines beat-driven nu-electronica with
his heart wrenching tenor vocals, and has been described by many as
atmospheric, captivating and dreamy. He works with a wide variety of
influences, ranging from house and R’nB, to Arabian and Eastern-European
world and folk music, but in the end his music is more than anything
distinctively his own. His live setup consists of analog synthesizers,
drum machines, samplers and loopers, enabling him to deliver a powerful
and complex live rendition of his music.

Despite his young age, M-Band has had a prolific and diverse musical
carreer. A classically trained pianist, he started his alternative music
career playing with various bands in his hometown, a rural village in
the South of Iceland, but soon found his way to the capital city, where
he joined Retrobot, (winners of the 2012 Icelandic Battle of the Bands),
and later, the electro-pop ensemble Nolo. Aside from performing as
M-Band, he also collaborates with the electronic musician Tonik.

debut LP, Haust (trans: Autumn), is a collection of eight tracks that
exist in a twilit late-night space. Be it an empty freeway, a crowded
dancefloor, or a rooftop out under the stars, Haust presents a series of
engrossing and affecting nocturnal atmospheres.

M-Band was a hit at the 2014 Airwaves festival, unveiling a reconfigured
audio-visual solo set that attracted positive attention from Huw
Stephens of BBC Radio 1, KEXP, Nicky Digital, Nordic Playlist, The
Quietus and Crack Magazine, to name just a few.