Malneirophrenia are an experimental instrumental band from Reykjavík. They play chamber punk music – a mixture of classical and metal influences, with references to film music and horror jazz.

Their debut album, “M”, contains 10 original compositions for piano, cello and bass. It was recorded live in a living room, November 2008, by Bjarni Þórisson and Markús Bjarnason. It was mixed and mastered by Curver. The cover art is by Þórarinn Ingi Jónsson. Album design was done by Þormar Melsted. M is both self-released and self-distributed and Malneirophrenia is grateful for all support.

"According to my dictionary, Malneirophrenia is the sadness you experience after a pressing nightmare and this Icelandic so-called chamber punk band captures the feeling immaculately. The strings and piano conjure up strange imagery of dark distorted realities and then pull you into a state of haunted relief. With mischief, madness and momentum, Malneirophrenia's debut album M is ripe with manic melancholia."

5/5 – Nanna Árnadóttir,