Maximus Musicus: A great symphonic entertainment!
The Maximus Musicus Family Concerts are based on the illustrated children’s books Maximus Musicus Visits the Orchestra and Maximus Musicus Visits the Music School. Maxi books can be found in Icelandic, German, Faroese, English and Korean.
The best-selling tale of a little mouse experiencing the symphony orchestra has been adapted to make a one-hour fun show for all ages with narrator, spot-lights, illustrations, musicians acting out their parts in the story and a sing-along. The show has already been performed in the wonderful Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, in Thórshavn and Melbourne, Australia as well as  many times by the Iceland Symphony Orchestra in Reykjavík.
Concert material is available for hire at

Maxi on iPhone

Now children can learn more about musical instruments and play a cyber-version of them on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad with Maximus Musicus as their trusted guide. There are jigsaw puzzles to solve, secret instruments hidden in a mystery box and virtual instruments to play. The Iceland Symphony Orchestra, amongst others, provided the classical audio background.

Furthermore, the children can learn to play some popular Christmas songs in another new application, Maxi's Holiday Piano. This app is free of charge.