Swedish composer of electronic and classical music, born 1981, based in Iceland and Scotland. The electronic side of the music is yet the most developed, but the music also drifts towards folk and classical music. Released the mp3 album ‘After summer comes fall’ for free on the net label Electronical in 2004. The album ‘Alltihop’ was released in early spring 2009 and distributed by Kimi records in Iceland. It recieved 5/5 in Iceland’s daily newspaper Morgunblaðið and 4/5 in the online edition of Swedish music magazine Groove. A new album was released in May 2012 called ‘Felines everywhere’, a smorgasbord of electronic landscapes with several accompanying acoustic instruments such as violins, pianos and bells.

Lately, Mikael’s music has been drifting in two directions; one being a more folktronica approach with violins, pianos and vocals, and the other being compositions more concerned with form and sound sculpturing. The album Unsettled Beings, released 2013 on Time Released Sound, is a case of the former direction. It features Paul Evans on violin and Ryan Karazija from Low Roar on vocals, and was mastered by Alex Somers. His recent ambient works for the net label Post Global is an example of the latter. A new five-track EP of experimental ambient called Intentions and Variations is planned for release in the beginning of 2016 on the label Morr Music.